The Endware Hidden Service

This is the Endware Development Team hidden service.
The address of this hidden service is http://42xlyaqlurifvvtq.onion

My name is Endwall and I develop software for anonymity, privacy and computer security on the internet called The Endware Suite.
This software may be found here , and also found here

The Endware Suite is also hosted on this hidden service and is located here: ENDWARE

The Endware Suite BSD port is located here: ENDWARE_BSD

Some batch scripts and settings for Windows NT and ReactOS are located here: ENDWARE_NT

Endwall is also the current board owner of /os/ "Online Security" at Endchan: http://endchan5doxvprs5.onion/os/

Other interesting content, may be located here: Content

You may contact me by email at , or at .
You may also contact me anonymously at endwall@tmg3kli67jlbcduh.onion . Use to send mail to this account.
My pgp public key is endwall_pgp.asc . If it is important, then encrypt your messages.

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